Government Polytechnic Latehar

  • Campus

    Our college provides well-ventilated spacious class room to accomodate about 75 students per branch per class room.Apart from these class rooms,there are tutorial rooms,faculty rooms,laboratories and open space for free movement of the students,faculty and staff members.In our college other activities are also conducted just like seminars.And it is conducted by faculty and outside experts are a part of our skill-building approach.

    In our college each branch has separate class rooms. Being attentive and taking notes during class will enhance your learning experience in a college classroom. Behaving in a college classroom is a requirement if students plan to get ahead and do well. Following the professor's class guidelines and being attentive during lectures benefits students and creates a better teaching experience for the professor, as well. It is important to come to class prepared for exams that are given and submit all assignments in a timely manner. Behaving in class and being prepared benefits students and creates a positive environment for all in attendance.


    • Arrive five to 10 minutes before class begins, as late arrivals will disrupt the classroom during a lecture. Arriving early to class permits students to settle into their seats and ask the professor questions that do not pertain to the class topic.
    • Contact the professor by phone or email if your are expecting to arrive late or be absent from the class. Excessive unexcused tardiness and absences may result in being dropped from class.
    • Turn off cellular phones before entering the classroom to avoid disrupting the class when a phone call is received. If the cellular phone must be on, place it on silent or vibrate. Quietly step outside the classroom to take important phone calls when necessary.
    • Give the professor full attention during class. Avoid speaking to classmates and using mobile devices during class time. Turn off computers that maybe on the desktop during lectures to lessen the number of distractions.
    • Raise your hand to speak during class. Speaking out of turn, when not permitted by a professor, makes it difficult for the professor to hear what other classmates are saying. Other students may also ask the same question you will ask, making it unnecessary for the professor to repeat the answer twice.